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QuizGuys specialise in presenting fully interactive quiz shows for all occasions. All the questions are shown on our projector screen, which we also read out via our PA system. Teams or individuals answer the questions using keypads which have buttons labelled A to F. We can tailor the quiz to your requirements, for example, you may only want to allow a certain amount of time to answer each question, and have points for a correct answer reduce the longer it takes to answer.

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We provide everything required to host the quiz, including the projector, screen, sound system and keypads. Our keypads have a range of 100 metres, we have various size projector screens suitable for different events and a sound system capable of handling small to large-scale events.

Educational questions tailored to your students' level

The Quiz

Our standard quiz show lasts approximately 1.5 hours with a 15 minute break at half-time. Covering an array of topics, our quiz shows are fun and informative, engaging teams in a fully interactive game show style of quiz while encouraging team work and education. Quiz shows can be made longer or shorter too, depending on your requirements.

We write quizzes for many different occasions, including team building days, business social events and classroom quizzes. If you prefer, you can also submit some or all the questions you'd like to be included in the quiz.

If you're submitting questions, bear in mind that we can also provide different quizzing styles that may be more suitable for certain rounds. These include fastest finger first, audio rounds and pictures which can be gradually revealed to provide an extra competitive element. Have a chat with us today to find out more information.

QuizGuys unique interactive quiz shows are used in:


To keep things engaging we have various different rounds that can be included in the quiz:

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