Interactive Pub Quizzes

We supply our pub quiz services by working with N2-Tane, one of the UK's only quiz companies licensed to privide interactive quiz nights to the pub industry.

Lasting approximately 1.5 hours, our quiz nights are fun and topical, engaging teams in a fully interactive game show style of quiz. Gone are the days of using pen & paper!

It's virtually impossible to Google any of the answers during our quiz shows, making it fair for everyone and much more enjoyable!

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How It Works

We provide all the equipment necessary to run the quiz including the projector, screen, interactive keypads, the quiz and PA system. Our use of a short throw projector enables us to take up minimal space in your venue. We'll require a space of around 8ft x 8ft to host the quiz, which allows us room to setup the equipment and a little space to move around while presenting the show.

The usual cost is just £1 for each team member to enter the quiz, the venue then received this back minus any prize money (usually £25 for first place winners).

Upon payment, each team receives a wireless keypad which will allow them to answer all the questions across every round. Our keypads are numbered and get assigned to their team names using our quiz software.

Answer questions easily with our quiz show keypads

Before showing any quiz questions we take a few minutes to welcome people along to the venue, introducing ourselves and explaining how the quiz and the keypads work, which is all very straighforward, even if team members have already consumed a pint or two.

We then show some warmup questions just to get teams started before continuing through various rounds, including naming the song, picture puzzles and fastest finger first games. After every round we display and read out the scores, so everyone can keep tabs on how well or not they're doing. The final round really changes the show up, giving teams the opportunity to gamble a percentage of their score on the next question. This occasionally sees teams that haven't been doing well throughout the quiz jumping to the top of the scoreboard, and is a great reason for these teams to stick around until the end.

The whole show lasts around 1 and a half hours with a 15 minute break for half-time, giving customers a chance to order from the bar.

Get The QuizGuys At Your Venue

Our quiz shows are perfect for any venue, including pubs, bars and restaurants. Customers will need to have a clear view of our projector screen to play the game. In the instance that they aren't able to see our screen, we may be able to plug in to an in-house system if you have existing screens in other areas of the venue. Our keypads work up to 100 meters away from our receiver, and don't require direct line of sight to function.

We regularly get great feedback during and after our shows, with customers returning and new faces turning up to take part every week. We'd love the opportunity to showcase our quiz at your venue, please feel free to get in touch via our contact page if you'd like any more information on our pub quizzes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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