An Interactive Quiz for All Occasions

QuizGuys specialise in presenting fully interactive quiz shows for all occasions. Our shows are a perfect addition to any event, including birthdays, anniversaries and fetes - They're a brilliant excuse to get people cheering along and are a great icebreaker!

All the questions are shown on our projector screen, which we also read out via our PA system. Teams answer the questions using keypads which have buttons labelled A to F. We give teams around 15 seconds to answer each question, and in some rounds the longer they take to answer, the fewer points are gained for a correct answer.

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We provide everything required to host the quiz, including the projector, screen, sound system and keypads. Our keypads have a range of 100 metres, we have various size projector screens suitable for different events and a sound system capable of handling small or large-scale events.

Personalised quiz questions for weddings

The Quiz

Our standard quiz show last approximately 1.5 hours with a 15 minute break at half-time. Covering a wide variety of questions our quiz shows are fun and topical, engaging teams in a fully interactive game show style of quiz.

We can also tailor our quiz questions for suit any occasion. Maybe you're after quiz questions on a particular topic, or more personalised questions for a wedding or birthday. Feel free to ask us about shorter or longer quiz shows too.


Perfect for almost any occasion, small or large. This includes:

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We'd love to hear about your upcoming event, and any questions you might have about our quiz packages. Please contact QuizGuys for more information or a quote via our contact page.

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